10 Worst Rated TV Shows Redditors Enjoy (2023)

Hey TV fanatics! Have you ever taken a chance on a show that critics raved about and Redditors raved about? The term 'guilty pleasure' was coined for a reason. There are plenty of shows with below average ratings that many have enjoyed - from Timeless to Flaked and many more.

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For all you binge watchers out there, this list is for you. In the spirit of breaking the rules, let's take a look at the 10 lowest-rated shows from the past decade that Redditors loved anyway. BycomediesDoingdramaand more, get ready to learn more about why these shows have earned Reddit adoration, even if they've fallen flat in other ways.



10 'Timeless' (2016-2018)

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Timeless, the Redditor mentionsGili_RHis a series that follows three unlikely heroes as they try to stop a villain from changing the course of human history. Despite the low number of viewers, the series still managed to impress viewers with its exciting and fast paced story.

What really impressed Redditors was the show's smart writing, which expertly explored the intricacies of time travel and delved into the characters' rich backstories. This attention to detail added depth and substance to the plot, making Timeless an incredibly enjoyable watch that left a lasting impression on audiences.

9 'Baby papa' (2012.-2017.)

You might think that with a 4.6 rating on IMDB the only way to go is down, but the intrepid Redditors likeoitnbeautyfishthey found a few gems in the lower rated shows. To takeBaby tatafor example, the series that follows the single life of Ben, who unexpectedly becomes responsible for raising his daughter. Despite the viewership, this series won over audiences with its goofy humor and likable cast of characters.

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The series follows Ben and his close circle of friends, including his brother Danny, Tucker's best friend, and Riley, his ex-girlfriend who is also the child's mother. Through their misadventures, this group comes together to care for Ben's daughter and give her all the care and love she needs to thrive - with lots of laughter!

8 'Endless' (2015-2017)

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Another TV show that surprised Redditorsdrjallzhe wasBoundless. This game, actingJake Mc Dorman, starring Brian Finch, surprised many fans when it only ran for one season on CBS. Despite this, the series has made its mark on Reddit and has actually been very well received by redditors.

Limitless follows Brian Finch as he discovers the power of a mysterious drug called NZT, which gives him increased cognition and problem-solving abilities. With this new superpower he has to help FBI agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Timmerman) solve the toughest cases the agency has ever seen. The series received positive reviews for its unique story and entertaining performances by likable characters.

7 'Red Band Society' (2014.-2015.)

10 Worst Rated TV Shows Redditors Enjoy (4)

When it comes to the lowest-rated shows that Redditors still like,De Red Gang Societyis the obvious choice. Although the show was canceled after just one season, it garnered a number of passionate fansItchyEdge5. The Red Band Society followed a group of adolescents living in the children's ward of a hospital. Although the show often dealt with difficult topics such as death, disability,aggressive behaviourand abuse, it was also incredibly funny and touching.

Many users on Reddit loved the show for the truly emotional moments and heartfelt performances from the talented young cast. Many posts talked about how empowering it felt to watch these kids take control of their lives and turn a bad situation into something positive. In short, The Red Band Society may have only lasted one season, but its impact was definitely felt in the Reddit community.

6 'Raising Hope' (2010.-2014.)

10 Worst Rated TV Shows Redditors Enjoy (5)

You may have heard of itGenerate hope, a show about a young man who has to take care of a baby born from a one-night stand with a criminal. While it hasn't achieved the same success as other sitcoms, Redditors love it,take mysteryalr/tv-programma'sfound something special in the show.

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It has several elements that set it apart from other sitcoms - the writing is smart and witty and the characters are relatable. The show also honestly tackles difficult topics like poverty and single parenting. The family dynamic between Jimmy Chance and his eccentric cousins ​​is fun and endearing, making it easy to see why Redditors loved thisan underrated gem.

5 "Young and Hungry" (2014-2018)

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RedditorItchyEdge5also said, "Loved watching The Young and the Hungry on Sundays!" forromantic comedyseries. A performance about a young food blogger and her culinary adventures,Young and hungryit lasted five seasons. It's a nice connection between the main characters, Gabi, who she playsEmily Osmentand her tech entrepreneur boss Josh, who she playsJonathan Sadowski.

Fans of the show love how it follows two individuals' journey to success in their own way. Gabi tries to build her dream career as a chef, while Josh makes his way in the business world. They learn from each other and grow with mutual support. Despite the drama and romance, there are always lessons learned at the end of each episode, no matter how silly.

4 'Scorpio' (2014-2018)

10 Worst Rated TV Shows Redditors Enjoy (7)

"Scorpion... I really liked the show, it had so much potential," the redditor saidjambez001. This series follows the lives of a team of geniuses who use their unique skills to solve complex global problems. The series received a 6.9 rating on IMDb and a 62% Metacritic rating. While those scores aren't high, Reddit users praised the series for its entertaining plot, great action sequences, and witty dialogue.

What sets Scorpion apart from other series is its compelling cast and story.Ryan O'Nealportrays Walter O'Brien, a genius hacker who leads a team of other geniuses who work together to save lives and solve problems. In addition, the series also explores Walter's personal struggles with his past, his love life, and his troubled relationship with his family.

So while Scorpion hasn't received rave reviews from critics, it still holds its own.

3 'Melissa & Joey' (2010-2015)

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You might not expect people to buy a series about a former political strongman who meets an unconventional nanny, butMelissa not Joeyis a classicfunny tv serieswhich is one of the lowest rated TV shows on redditorReal_Space_Captainto enjoy.

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The series stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence as the main characters. With slapstick humor, witty dialogue and light-hearted storytelling, Melissa & Joey managed to find their place in the hearts of many fans - even if the critics weren't too thrilled about it. Ultimately, Melissa & Joey's ability to make viewers laugh and at times cry, despite its low ratings, is what really sets it apart from the crowd.

2 'Kyle XY' (2006-2009)

10 Worst Rated TV Shows Redditors Enjoy (9)

"Kyle XY. It was hot shit, but I loved it," the redditor saidBasically just potatoesfor the series which premiered in 2006 and ended in 2009 after 3 brilliant seasons. So what makes Kyle XY special? It blends inScience fictionand drama together in a unique way - with Kyle as an amnesiac superbaby of sorts, with special abilities that make fans want to watch episode after episode.

The show covers topics such as family dynamics, unconditional love, destiny versus free will, human behavior and growing up. The show also deals with important topics such as acceptance and discrimination. Fans of the series appreciate how carefully these themes were explored through compelling stories and characters they could identify with.

1 'Flakes' (2016.-2017.)

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We round out our list with a comedy seriesIn flakes. Despite the low score of 6.3, Redditor666tknHe still seemed to enjoy this show about Chip, a mild-mannered recovering alcoholic who finds himself in unpleasant situations in the beautiful seaside town of Venice Beach, California.

Flaked is a good example of an underrated series that proves that low ratings don't always tell the whole story. It has an 81% viewership rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with many Redditors praising its down-to-earth atmosphere and interesting characters.

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