208 Taylor Swift lyrics for your next Instagram legend (2023)

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Need a caption for your next selfie? Somebody call the new Taylor...

Taylor SwiftHer talent for writing great lyrics is undeniable, and in case you haven't figured it out, those lyrics make her quite iconic.Instagram captionsAlso.

From their self-titled debut album to the excellence offolklore, foreverjmidnight, Taylor has blessed us with lyrics that we can apply to almost every aspect of our lives. are you going through a breakup It's done! Fell in love? She has you covered! Do you resonate with your team? Always! in your feelings? Daily!

We scoured Taylor's track catalog for the best lyrics that would be perfect for your next Instagram caption. We'll certainly be adding more to this list, but for now, here are 208 text captions to get you started...

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208 Taylor Swift lyrics for your next Instagram legend (3)

Because when you feel loved and in a relationship...

So, do you have a cute photo of you and your love but need a caption? taylor got you Whether it's a photo of the two of you together or a photo of your sweetheart solo to show off to all your followers, this is the best caption.

• "I just want to stay in this lavender haze." - 'Lavender Haze'

• “And it's like snow on the beach. Weird, but damn beautiful." – 'Snow on the Beach'

• "Flying in dreams, stars galore." - 'Snow on the Beach'

• "I made you my world, did you hear?". - 'Jeweled'

• "Uh-oh, I'm falling in love." - 'Labyrinth'

• "I find myself running home after your cute things." - "Sweet Nothing"

• “Once upon a time, the planets and the destinies and all the stars agreed. You and I ended up in the same room at the same time. - 'mastermind'

• “And the first night you saw me. Nothing would stop me." - 'Mastermind'

• "I'm so in love I could stop breathing." - 'Paris'

• "Romance isn't dead if you just keep it to yourself." – 'Paris'

• "Honey, let's run, let's run away from it all" - "Run (Taylor Version)"

• "Please, take my hand, ruin my plans, this is my husband" - "Willow"

• "Life was a willow and bent to your wind" - "Willow"

• "You have to know one, you're a cowboy like me" - "Cowboy Like Me"

• "Forever is the cutest hoax" - "Cowboy Like Me"

• "And my waves will strike your shore, forever and ever" - "Long Story Summary"

• “We never painted by numbers, baby. But we made it count" - "The 1"

• "And when I felt like there was an old cardigan under someone's bed, you put it on me and said it was your favorite cardigan" - "cardigan"

• "I love you to the moon and to Saturn" - "Seven"

• "You showed me colors you know I can't see in anyone else" - "Illegal affairs"

• "And isn't it so nice to imagine that an invisible rope tied you to me all this time?" - 'Invisible Rope'

• "All these people think love is just for show, but I'd secretly die for you" - "Peace"

• "And I don't have to tell him, I think he knows" - "I think he knows"

• "Do I know you twenty seconds or twenty years?" - 'Lover'

• "All's well that ends well to end you" - "Lover"

• "I like shiny things, but I would marry you with paper rings" - "paper rings"

• "We wouldn't be this far without all the exes and fights and mistakes" - "Paper Rings"

• "Darling, I like you" - "London Boy"

• "I don't want to look at anything else now that I've seen you" - "Daylight"

• “I would cross the line for you. I would be wasting my time. I would lose my mind" - "Don't blame me."

• "Some guys try too hard when he's not trying" - "...ready for it?"

• "Say my name and everything stops, I don't want you for my best friend" - "Dress"

• "And suddenly you're the one I've been waiting for" - "King Of My Heart"

• "I love you for better or for worse, I would wait for you forever and ever" - "How You Get The Girl"

(Video) Taylor Swift - Blank Space

• "He's tall and damn handsome, he's so bad but he does it so well" - "Wildest Dreams"

• "You got that dreamy James Dean look in your eyes" - "Style"

• "The rest of the world was black and white, but we cried out color" - "Out Of The Woods"

• "I just like to hang out with you all the time" - "Stay, stay, stay"

• "Your name, forever the name on my lips" - "Last kiss"

• "I'm captivated by you, baby, like fireworks" - "Sparks Fly"

• "You're the best thing that's ever been mine" - "Mine"

• "You've got a smile that could light up the whole town" - "You Belong With Me"

208 Taylor Swift lyrics for your next Instagram legend (4)

Because when you and your best friends go out for a night out (or a night in!)...

Posting a team photo and need a caption to set the tone? Here you have.

• "So make friendship bracelets, seize the moment and try it out." - 'You're all alone, boy'

• "Ladies always rise above." - 'vigilante shit'

• "They tell you when you're young, 'Girl, go out and have fun', then they hunt down and kill those who actually do it" - 'Nothing new'

• "As always, our circle of friends" - "Champagne problems"

• "We were like the mall before the internet, it was the only place to be" - "Coney Island"

• "The Roaring Twenties, throwing dimes in the pool" - "The 1"

• "Rose Flows With Your Chosen Family" - 'El 1'

• "His parties were tasteful, if a bit noisy" - "The Last Great American Dynasty"

• "Darling, don't threaten me with fun" - "London boy

• "I feel so Gatsby all year round" - "That's why we can't have nice things"

• "Here's a toast to my true friends" - "That's why we can't have nice things"

• "Glitter on the floor after the party" - "New Year's"

• “We're too busy dancing to get knocked down. Darling we're the new romantics, the best people in life are free" - "New romantics"

• "It was the best night, I would never forget how we moved" - "Starlight"

• "We are happy, free, confused and alone in the best sense of the word" - 22

• "For a moment, a gang of thieves in torn jeans came to rule the world" - "Long Live"

208 Taylor Swift lyrics for your next Instagram legend (5)

Because when you're going through a breakup...

We've all been there. Whether it's romantic love or a best friend breakup, whether you're feeling down or ready to move on... Here are Taylor's best heartbreak lyrics for your next legend.

• "He was sun, I was midnight rain." - 'Midnight Rain'

• "I never think of him except at midnight like this." - 'Midnight Rain'

• "Ask me how much I've made from all these tears." - 'Karma'

• "Hang up your notes and repent me." - "High infidelity"

• “You know there are many different ways to kill the person you love. The slowest way is never to love her enough." - "High Infidelity"

• "Just between us, has the love affair maimed you too?" - 'All too good (10 minute version)'

• "You kept me a secret, but I kept you as an oath." - 'All too good (10 minute version)'

• "I ride different paths, but all lead me back to you" - "The first time"

• "We didn't know then, we were being made to fall apart." - 'The first time'

• "3 am and I'm still awake, I bet you're fine, fast asleep in your town, which is better than mine." - 'I bet you think of me'

• "But now that we're done and it's over, I bet it's hard to believe it turned out to be harder to forget than it is to leave." - 'I bet you're thinking of me'

• "Shame, I didn't mean to be the one who escaped." - 'chick'

• "Big mistake, you broke the sweetest promise you should never have made." - 'chick'

• "I know I'm probably better off alone than loving a man who didn't know what he had when he had it." - 'Better Man'

• "I know I'm probably better off alone than needing a man who can change his mind at any time." - 'Better man'

• "I did my best and we both know you can't say that." - 'Better person'

• "I lived and I learned, I had you, I burned." - 'You are above me'

• "Hello Mr. Perfectly Fine, how is your heart after you broke mine?" - 'Mr. perfectly fine'

• "Since you left, I am Miss Misery and you are Mr. Perfectly Fine." - 'Mister. perfectly fine'

• "Well, I thought maybe you were different from the others, I guess they're all the same." - 'Mister. perfectly fine'

• "I heard he's not like me, I'm sure he'll make you happy." - 'Oh no'

(Video) Taylor Swift - Lover

• "Because you took me home but just couldn't support me." - 'Oh no'

• “Sometimes I really wish I could hate you. I've tried, but I just can't." - 'Oh no'

• "Goodbye is much more difficult because we were happy" - "We were happy"

• "But no freedom cleans you, I still have you on me." - 'You are above me'

• "Your heart was made of glass, I dropped it" - "Champagne trouble"

• "I dare not dream of you anymore" - "Gold Rush"

• "I know my love should be celebrated, but you tolerate it" - "Tolerate it"

• "After you there will be happiness, but thanks to you there was happiness" - "happiness"

• "I hope she's your beautiful fool to take my place by your side" - "Luck"

• "Simply put, he was the wrong guy" - "Long story in a nutshell"

• "You know the greatest love of all time is over" - "El 1"

• "And although I can't remember your face, I still love you" - "Seven"

• “It's hard to be at a party when I feel like an open wound. It's hard to be anywhere these days when I just want you" - "This Is Me Trying"

• "I forgot you existed and I thought it would kill me, but it didn't" - "I forgot you existed"

• "I gave you so much, but it wasn't enough, but I'll make it, it's only a thousand cuts" - "Death by a thousand cuts"

• "Remember I said I would die for you?" - "False God"

• "Why did I have to break something I love so much?" - 'Twilight Glow'

• "I'm yours to keep. And I'm yours to lose." - "That's how it's done..."

• “Do you think we'd be okay? I still have scars from your knives on my back." - "Bad Blood"

• "I bet it's never crossed your mind that I can't say hello and risk another goodbye" - "I almost did"

• "But you keep my old scarf from week one because it reminds you of innocence and smells like me" - "Too good"

• “Our story now looks very much like a tragedy. Next chapter…” – “The Story Of Us”

• "It Turns Out Freedom Is Nothing But Missing You" - "Back To December"

• "For me you are just another image to burn" - "Image to burn"

208 Taylor Swift lyrics for your next Instagram legend (6)

'Cause when you're in your feelings...

Sometimes you just want to be sad on the grill. Let Taylor do the talking.

• "It must be exhausting always cheering for the anti-hero." - 'anti-hero'

• "I will look directly at the sun, but never in the mirror." - 'Antihero'

• "Sometimes I feel like everyone's a hot babe and I'm a monster on the hill." - 'Antihero'

• "I didn't choose this city, I dream of leaving it." - 'You're all alone, boy'

• “You are alone, child. You always have been. - 'You're all alone, boy'

• “I think sometimes we all do. Some kind of magic. - 'Midnight Rain'

• "Breathe in, breathe in, breathe in deep, breathe out." - Maze

• "Everything I touch becomes sick with sadness." - 'Greater than the whole sky'

• "The idea you had about me, who was it?" - 'All too good (10 minute version)'

• "I'll always be summer sun to you, forever winter when you go" - "Forever winter"

• "And will you still love me if it's nothing new?" - 'Nothing new'

• "How did I go from growing to breaking down?" - 'Nothing New'

• "I know the bravest thing I ever did was run away." - 'Better person'

• "It costs me everything to get up every day, but it is wonderful to see that you are doing well." - 'Lord. perfectly fine'

• "It wasn't like a movie, the rain didn't soak my clothes, not even my skin." - 'Bye honey'

• "Don't say you missed me if you don't love me back." - 'Oh no'

• "You are all I want, but this time is not enough." - 'Bye honey'

• "No one can touch how we laugh in the dark." - 'We were happy'

• "I'm rejected over and over again" - "Willow"

• "I won't ask you to wait unless you ask me to stay" - "Tis The Damn Season"

• "I can't make it go away by making you the villain" - "Happiness"

• "My pain fits in the palm of your frozen hand" - "Ivy"

(Video) Taylor Swift - The Man (Official Video)

• "Simply put, it was a bad time, simply put, I survived" - "Long story short"

• "I'm not your problem anymore, so who am I insulting now?" - 'Exile'

• "And if I'm dead to you, why are you on the wake?" - 'My tears rebound'

• "I've never been natural, all I do is try, try, try" - "Mirrorball"

• "I had trouble adjusting, I had the shiniest wheels, now they're rusting" - "This Is Me Trying"

• "More than Drake in my feelings" - "I forgot you existed"

• "I said I'm fine, but it wasn't true, I don't want to keep secrets just to keep you" - "Cruel Summer"

• "It's like I'm 17 years old, nobody understands." - 'I think he knows'

• "And I hope I never lose you, I hope it never ends" - "Cornelia Street"

• "I recognize delusions when I see them in the mirror" - "You'll be better soon"

• "You still wear me like a wine-stained dress I can wear no more" - "Clean"

• "Maybe that was a masterpiece until you broke it all" - "Too good"

• "I am a crumpled piece of paper lying here" - "All too good"

• "Time doesn't pass, it seems like it has paralyzed me" - "All too well"

• "I'd like to go back to how I was before, but I'm still trying to find it" - "All too good"

'Cause if you're feeling philosophical...

You know those times when all you need is a deep caption for your sunset snap or dramatic landscape? Taylor's discography is full of insightful quotes. Choose your option from the list below.

• "Damn if I don't care what people say." - 'Lavender Haze'

• "I'll grow old, but never wiser." - 'antihero'

• "It's okay to pretend until you make it, until you make it, until it's true.""Snow on the Beach"

• "Does it feel like everything is second best after the meteorite impact?" - 'Questions...?'

• "Don't be sad, relieve yourself." - 'vigilante shit'

• "Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend." – 'Karma'

• "Ask me why so many are fading while I'm still here." – 'Karma'

• "If you don't plan, you plan to fail." - 'mastermind'

• "If there is clarity in death, why won't it die?" - 'should have, should have, should have'

• “Dear reader, if you feel like cheating. You are already in one. - 'Dear Reader'

• "It must be exhausting always cheering for the anti-hero." - 'anti-hero'

• "I will look directly at the sun, but never in the mirror." - 'Antihero'

• "Sometimes I feel like everyone's a hot babe and I'm a monster on the hill." - 'Antihero'

• "I didn't choose this city, I dream of leaving it." - 'You're all alone, boy'

• “You are alone, child. You always have been. - 'You're all alone, boy'

• “I think sometimes we all do. Some kind of magic. - 'Midnight Rain'

• "Breathe in, breathe in, breathe in deep, breathe out." - Maze

• "Everything I touch becomes sick with sadness." - 'Greater than the whole sky'

• "How can someone know everything at eighteen but nothing at twenty-two?" - 'Nothing new'

• "And the path not taken looks great now" - "Tis The Damn Season"

• "If I'm no longer related to you, who am I related to?" - 'Coney Island'

• "I tried to choose my battles until the battle chose me" - "Long story short"

• "Your nemesis will defeat themselves before you have a chance to strike" - "Long story short"

• "Never be so polite, you forget your power, never exercise such power, you forget to be polite" - "Marjorie"

• "If one thing had been different, would everything be different today?" - 'The 1'

• "When you're young, they assume you don't know anything" - "cardigan"

• "I think I've seen this movie before and didn't like the ending" - "Exile"

• "The luck of the draw attracts only the unlucky" - "Daylight"

• "It's not love, it's not hate, it's just indifference" - "I forgot you existed"

• "Fighting with a true love is boxing without gloves" - "Afterglow"

• "I want to be defined by the things I love, not the things I hate" - "Daylight"

(Video) Nothing New (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault) (Lyric Video)

• "Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you." - 'New Year'

• "Autumn leaves fall into place like pieces" - "All Too Good"

• "It's hard to fight when the fight isn't fair" - "Change"

• "It has something to do with how the street looks when it just rained" - "Fearless"

208 Taylor Swift lyrics for your next Instagram legend (7)

When you need a caption for a selfie...

Whatever the mood, Taylor has you covered. Feeling hot? Call! Feeling romantic? Lover! do you feel like 22 You already know what to do...

• “It's me, hello. I am the problem, I am." - 'Antihero'

• "I Shouldn't Be Left Alone" - "Anti-Hero"

• "Draw the cat's eye sharp enough to kill a human." - 'vigilante shit'

• "You've done some bad things, but I'm the worst of them." - 'vigilante shit'

• “I don't dress for women. I don't dress for men. Lately I've been dressing for revenge. – "vigilante shit"

• "I don't start shit, but I can tell you how it ends." - 'vigilante shit'

• "You better believe I'm still wearing jewels when I enter the room. I can still make the whole place light up." – jeweled

• “What will a girl do? A diamond must shine." - 'Jeweled'

• "I bet you're thinking of me" - "I bet you're thinking of me"

• "I'm coming back stronger than a '90s trend" - "Willow"

• "She would have made such a beautiful bride, too bad she got screwed over her head" - "Champagne Trouble"

• "You could call me 'Baby' this weekend" - "Tis The Damn Season"

• „Starry Eyes, Fighting for the Good Life“ – „Cowboy Like Me“

• "I'm fine, I'm into something new" - "El 1"

• "I had a wonderful time screwing it all up" - "The Last Great American Dynasty"

• "If I showed my dollars I'd be a slut, not a player" - "The Man"

• "Who could leave me, darling, but who could stay?" - 'The Archer'

• "He's so obsessed with me and, boy, I get it" - "I think he knows that"

• "They whisper in the hallway, 'She's a bad, bad girl' - 'Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince'

• "Snakes and stones never broke my bones" - "You need to calm down"

• "Shade has never made anyone less gay" - "You need to calm down"

• "I promise you'll never find anyone like me again" - "ME!"

• “I am the only me. Darling, I'm having fun" - "ME!"

• “I never trust a narcissist, but he loves me” – “I did something wrong

• "Honey, I rose from the dead, I do this all the time" - "Look what you made me do"

• “Sorry, old [NAME] can't answer the phone right now. Why? Because she's dead" - "Look what you made me do."

• "I swear I don't love drama, it loves me" - "End Game"

• "I can make up bad guys for a weekend" - "Blank Space"

• "Because darling I'm a nightmare dressed up like a dream" - "Blank Space"

• "One day I will live in a great old city and everything you will be will be bad" - "Bad"

• “I took your matches before the fire reached me. So don't look now, I'm shining like fireworks." - "Dear John"

• "You should have said no, baby, and you could still have had me" - "You should have said no"

208 Taylor Swift lyrics for your next Instagram legend (8)

Because when you're in New York City...

If you go to New York and don't mention at least one Taylor Swift song that romanticizes the big city, are you even a Taylor Swift fan? SelfAndto New York? Here are some of Taylor's legendary moments in New York.

And I chose you, the one I danced with in New York. - 'garnet'

• "You know I left a part of me in New York" - "Deception"

• "Baby, it amazes me how this town is screaming your name" - "Cornelia Street"

• "This is the kind of heartache that time could never heal, would never walk Cornelia Street again" - "Cornelia Street"

• "Welcome to New York, it was waiting for you" - "Welcome to New York"

• "The lights are so bright, but they never blind me" - "Welcome to New York"

• "Go back to a feeling I first saw in New York when you fitted into my poems like a perfect rhyme" - "Holy Ground"

• "We walked around like a girl in a new dress, we had this great city to ourselves" - "Holy Ground"

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