How old is the Selling Sunset season 6 crew and who are their partners? (2023)

It's hard to tell how old it issell sunsetbeing season 6 cast members, as some seem to age backwards. Here we reveal their real age and relationship status.

sell sunsetviewers came for the lavish, extravagant real estate on offer, and stayed for the believable and utterly complicated personal lives of the show's stars. A reality series like no other, Selling Sunset fans have fallen so in love with the cast that interest in their lives outside of the show is at an all-time high. The Season 6 lineup has been shaken up a bit with the introductionNo, you knewiNicole Young; Eagles-watching fans may have realized that Nicole isn't as new as she seems, especially since she's earned the interesting title of brokerage OG. If you wantsell sunsetand want more information about your favorite realtors, read on for everything you need to know about the stars of Season 6, including their ages and the special people in their lives.

It's not just about age and partners, we also have a low levelSunset cast net worth for sale- and quite enviable.Brett Oppenheimleft the real estate agency to make even more money, but where did he go?Jason en Chrishellmade a real couple on the show, and here's why everything went wrong for them.

Jason Oppenheim

Dob: 46Partner: Marie-Lou Nurk

Oppenheim Group kingpin Jason Oppenheim has reportedly been in a relationship with model Marie-Lou Nurk since July 2022. The model is believed to be around 26 years old, making her relationship with Jason have quite a big age gap. Jason met German Marie Lou while vacationing with his twin brother Brett in Mykonos, Greece. Marie-Lou, who now calls Paris home instead of her native Germany, didn't know who Jason was when they first met.

Jason recently caused a storm on social media after sharing a photo of himself and Marie-Lou on Instagram, which appeared to be newly married. Shown walking hand-in-hand with Marie-Lou, who wore a white dress, and Jason, who looked smart in a casual suit, certainly gave the photo a post-wedding vibe. However, Jason was quick to quell any rumors, noting, "These photos are obviously confusing people. Sorry about that. We're not married. These are from an event we went to together a few weeks ago. "

Chrishell Stause

Dob: 41Partner: Married to G Flip

Chrisshell met musician G Flip on Halloween 2021, and on May 11 of this year, the couple revealed they tied the knot in Las Vegas. There was no official engagement and the couple made up with a quick engagement on the plane on their way to the wedding. G Flip (real name Georgia Claire Flipo) is 29 years old and is from Australia. A non-binary musician sings and plays multiple instruments.

Chrisshell announced the couple's nuptials and shared a column on Instagram with the caption, "Love doesn't always go as planned... Sometimes it's infinitely better. If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting G, know that you one of the kindest, funniest, most talented hardworking people in the world. Love you so much @gflip."

Chrisshell was previously in a relationship with Jason Oppenheim in early 2021 and was married toThis is usactor Justin Hartley between 2017-2021. The couple actually separated in 2019 and the divorce was not finalized until 2021. Hartley has now moved on with actress Sofia Pernas, to whom he is now married.

Maria Fitzgerald

Dob: 42Partner: the works of Romaina Bonneta

Mary married Romain, who is from France, in March 2018. Romain originally worked as a pastry chef, but now works as a project manager for the Oppenheim Group; he oversees the construction and renovation of the frame. The relationship between them was fiery, constantly accompanied by rumors of divorce. A 13-year age difference contributed to this, with Romain being considerably younger than his wife and Mary's friends thinking he was not mature enough for her.

Mary has a son from a previous relationship. Austin is now 26 years old and Mary gave birth to him when she was only 16 years old. She said she wanted to have children with Romain, but put the plans on hold because life and work were too busy. However, she sadly reported in April of this year that she suffered a miscarriage after falling pregnant naturally — having previously frozen some eggs in case fertility help was needed for the couple to have a baby.

Heather Rae El Moussa

Dob: 35Partner: Udana za Tareka El Moussu

Tarek El Moussa is a 41-year-old real estate investor and television host. He is widely known as a co-host of HGTVFlip of flopwith ex-wife Christina Hall - the former couple share two children. After divorcing Christina in 2018, Tarek started dating Heather in 2021, and the couple got married in 2021 at the Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel in Montecito. Since both are stars of the reality genre, it came as no surprise that the wedding was covered by Discovery+, in a special edition calledTarek i Heather: The Big I Do.

In July 2022, Heather announced that the couple was expecting their first child together, and her growing baby bump can be seen all over the place.sell sunsetseason 6. Their son, Tristan Jay El Moussa, was born on January 31 of this year. Heather shared the news on Instagram, writing: “We would like to introduce Tristan Jay El Moussa to the world. name and 4 generations of Jay."

Chelsea Lazkani

Dob: 30Partner: Married to Jeff Lazkani

Jeff is 40 years old and is the managing partner Ikona Mediadirect, a media planning agency that helps customers find and reach their target audience. Chelsea Lazkani is British-Nigerian, who met her husband while vacationing in Los Angeles in 2015. Chelsea moved to the US to make LA her permanent home and married Jeff on August 12, 2017.

The same year she got married, Chelsea got her real estate license. While living in the UK she studied Economics at the University of Birmingham before completing an MSc in Oil and Gas Economics at the University of Dundee. The couple have a son, Maddox Ali Lavon, and a daughter, Melija Iman. Jeff knew Jason Oppenheim through work and introduced him to his wife. Chelsea was a big fansell sunset, and was very happy with the choice of place in the cast.

Amanza Smith

Dob: 45Partner: single

Amanza Smith was previously married to Ralph Brown in July 2010. When she gave birth to daughter Noah and son Braker a short time later, her marriage to Ralph ended in 2012. According toUSA weekly, Amanza has had no contact with her ex-husband since September 2019. The reality star said: "My ex husband and I have been divorced since my kids were 1 and 2. And dad is a great dad he's very present but in the past the fans really hit a few months ago and he was really just offline. And we don't really know what's going on. I just don't have any answers for them."

Amanza dated Dutch soccer player Ryan Babel. However, after almost 3 years together, the couple broke up at the end of 2022. Amanza cited their conflicting schedules and the distance between them as reasons for the split - Ryan lives in the Netherlands for work. Amanza also has her own full-time career and two kids to focus on, and the couple hasn't been able to bond.

Emma Hermann

Dob: 31Partner: single

Emma was previously in a relationship with project manager Micah McDonald. The pair met when Emma took over a frame created by Micah, and audiences immediately noticed the attraction between them. After agreeing to go on a date with him, Emma said, "I don't usually mix business with pleasure, but Micah is a little different. Not only is he attractive, successful and confident, but we actually have a lot in common. I mean, in fact, he, like, check, check, check every damn box.

However, the relationship did not last and Emma parted ways with Micah sometime in 2022. In an Instagram post added in April this year, she teasingly posted an Instagram photo of herself in a tiny bikini, with the playful caption, "Swipe to see my boyfriend!" A swipe reveals a photo of Emma with her dog, smiling broadly and apparently confirming her single life.

Nicole Young

Dob: 37Partner: Successful for Brandon Young

Nicole has been married to Brandon Young since 2017. Brandon seems to want to maintain a level of mystery, with his social media accounts set to private. Nicole occasionally shares photos of herself and Brandon together, and on the rare occasions when she does, she has a few kind words for her husband. To celebrate his 2020 birthday, Nicole wrote on Instagram “Happy Birthday to my GORGEOUS husband @therealplanb!! You truly are my other half. You are incredibly patient, generous, thoughtful, loving, funny and wise and I am so happy how about being with your wife. Oh and no one on this planet looks better in a suit than you."

The couple has no children, but they share two dogs together - the puppies get enough space for them on social networks. Nicole recently restricted comments on her posts due to internet trolls. to believesell sunsetPresented negatively, she called out those who made offensive remarks and thanked her real friends who stood by her. Nicole has been with the Oppenheim Group since 2014, but has chosen to stay out of the limelight until now. It's sad that her foray into acting resulted in such a blow to her self-confidence.

No, you knew

Dob: 32Partner: Nick Kanon

Bre and 42-year-old Nick Cannon met when Bre showed upWild and out, a game show hosted by Cannon. They have been in a relationship ever since and welcomed a son together, Legendary Love Cannon, in July 2022. The couple has an open relationship that they don't want to define, though they maintain a mutual respect and honesty about what goes on outside of the family. relation. Nick has 12 children with 5 wives and welcomed a daughter with his second wife just 2 months after Bre gave birth to their son.

Bre was previously married to American football player Johnny Manziel, who tied the knot in 2018. The short-lived marriage came to an end in 2019 amid rumors that Manziel was cheating on her. Bre didn't seem to harbor any ill feelings towards her ex-husband and took to social media to wish him well once their divorce is finalized.

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