Queen Charlotte Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Sweet Ending (2023)

OPINION: In the final episode of the season, Queen Charlotte - young and old - gets the happily ever after she deserves.

Queen Charlotte Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Sweet Ending (1)Brooke Obie|

19 mei 2023

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Queen Charlotte Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Sweet Ending (2)

Editor's Note: The following article is a commentary and the views expressed are those of the author.read morethe meaningat deGrio.

Dear readers, we have arrived at the last episode"Queen CharlotteSeason 1. The sixth episode, "Crown Jewels", begins with young King George's tormentor standing before his mother, Princess Augusta, lamenting being fired by young Queen Charlotte in the final episode.

Charlotte's concern seems to put George at ease for a moment, but he takes another chance to push her away from him so she doesn't have to deal with his mental illness. He says all kinds of horrible things about not wanting her there and wishing she never came. He says she doesn't deserve to live with a "crazy" but, he notes, he doesn't say he doesn't love her.

She says, "I'll stand beside you between heaven and earth" as long as he loves her. He confesses his love and they finally have the most honest conversation of their marriage yet, declaring their love and commitment to each other for the rest of their lives.

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Young Lady Danbury isn't doing very well in love. Her hot fling with Violet Bridgerton's father, Lord Ledger, seems to be over. She goes to meet him at their house, but he shows up with his daughter, young Violet. By ranting about how good a role model he is to Violet and how he hopes Violet's reputation will be as unchallenged as Lady Danbury's, he actually breaks up with her in front of his daughter. Lady Danbury is devastated but seems to be taking it on the chin.

Neither past nor present, Queen Charlotte cannot hear people express their concerns. in "Bridgertonher kids come to her like the internet came to Vanessa Lachey after her disastrous 'Love Is Blind' reunion: stop demanding we have babies for you! One of Charlotte's daughters admits that many of them suffered multiple miscarriages that the Queen never knew about, and she is particularly callous to her son, Prince George, whose deaths of his wife and unborn daughter kick-started the series.

In the past, young Charlotte refuses to listen to the king's bodyguard, Reynolds, who tries to tell her that although the king seems better now that he is no longer being tortured by that quack, the king is still sick. Princess Augusta told Parliament that the King would address them at the next session, and this apparently upset the King and he refused to see his mother. However, Charlotte does not want to admit that speaking in front of parliament can be too stressful for George. When Augusta threatens to charge her with treason for not letting her see George, Charlotte stands her ground and takes full responsibility for George. "You chose me well," she replies to an enraged Augusta, who rushes out. Now it's up to Charlotte to get George to speak in Parliament.

Queen Charlotte Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Sweet Ending (5)

Augusta also causes problems with Lady Danbury. Augusta was clear: unless Lady Danbury spilled the tea on her dates with Charlotte, Augusta would refuse to recognize Lady Danbury's son as Lord Danbury - or, more importantly, that the new black members of the Ton would retain their titles and pass to the next generation. In the last episode, Lady Danbury and Charlotte promised each other true friendship, and now Lady Danbury won't give up on that promise. They will have to find another way to secure their titles and future.

Even over tea with Charlotte, Lady Danbury won't even broach the subject, continuing to treat Charlotte as a friend rather than a savior.

Today, adult Queen Charlotte is accused of being a neglectful mother, and her courtesy Brimsley can only agree that she was always so focused on the king's welfare that she had no room for anyone else; that's not a criticism, that's just what happens in royal life, especially when the king needs extra care for his mental health.

Charlotte asks him if Brimsley has ever been married - only to reveal how seemingly uninvolved he is in the lives of those closest to her who aren't the king - and Brimsley says of not, and who could he find who had time to marry? realize that his bet was crown? Obviously, we know he found love with the body of the King, Reynolds, in the final story, but we've never seen an older version of Reynolds in the current "Bridgerton" story all season, which makes us wonder whether he is still alive.

Meanwhile, Lady Danbury attacks Violet Bridgerton, who correctly suspects that her father and Lady Danbury had an affair when she was a child. Lady Danbury maintains her discretion and offers the false information that she once had a relationship with the Queen's brother, Adolphus. While it is true that he proposed to her towards the end of episode six, young Lady Danbury rejects his proposal and they never again have the passionate love story she had with Violet's father, Lord Ledger.

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In the past, young Lady Danbury and King George saved the lives of Charlotte and her unborn baby by advocating that her broken baby turn, against doctor's orders to simply let them bleed. Doctors really were nonsense for thousands of years! Anyway, it was great to see Charlotte fight for George in the last episode and to see him regain his life-saving energy in this episode.

With Charlotte struggling to conceive, Lady Danbury still can't find time to discuss their titles with her. She goes to Augusta again and breaks down in tears when Augusta threatens to take their new property if Augusta doesn't give Charlotte tea. In a surprise scene, Augusta gives Lady Danbury pear brandy and basically tells her to get up. She says she had to fight to secure her son as King George after her husband died and Lady Danbury had better do the same. Plus, he likes to have her as an opponent, so he better pull himself together, which Lady Danbury quickly does and their banter continues.

Charlotte gets a reality check when she learns that George has never given a speech in Parliament; he had a breakdown because, as Reynolds warned, it was too much pressure. He finds George hiding from the sky under his bed. She joins him on the floor. He apologizes for lying to her on their wedding day, and she assures him he never lied; he told her he was just George and that was all she needed. It's such a sweet, endearing moment and "Queen Charlotte" at its best.

Let's hope it's at least four to six weeks after the baby's birth, because they continue to have lots of sex in preparation for the ball they're throwing at Buckingham House to celebrate the new baby. If George can't go to parliament, they'll take parliament to George.

The ball was a fantastic success and parliament was assured that all was well with King George and that the heir was safe. Even Augusta has to admit that Charlotte was the right choice; she really loves George, George loves her, and the kingdom is safe in Charlotte's hands.

As for Lady Danbury, Charlotte approaches her at the ball just after she rejects the proposal of marriage from the Queen's brother, Adolphus. But, Charlotte assures her, it will be all right. What Charlotte is really upset about is that Lady Danbury hasn't allayed her fear of losing the title as they are friends.

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Charlotte assures Lady Danbury that Charlotte and the king will be good stewards and want to hear the needs of all their people so they can help them, implying that the black elites are secure in their titles and estates. The great experiment (as parliament called it to let blacks through the front door) is a success and will continue.

In the current Bridgerton timeline, an adult Queen Charlotte hears great news from her son and his new bride Victoria; they are pregnant! King George's lineage will continue, thanks to Charlotte. Filled with joy, she goes to the room of the elderly King George to find him in the manic episode we saw in his childhood. In a flashback to an earlier scene in this episode with the younger generation, Charlotte asks George to hide from the sky with her under the bed. He eagerly agrees.

As they lie under the bed, she grounds him in reality and he is lucid when she tells him that their son Edward and his new wife Victoria are pregnant. He is overjoyed. They stay together under the bed, lovingly holding hands and closing a new chapter of their beautiful love story, until the next season.

Queen Charlotte Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Sweet Ending (8)

Brooke Obie is an award winning critic, screenwriter and author of the historical novel "Book of Addis: Cradled Embers".

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