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This post relates to one of the most important concepts of freedom of conscience.

Find and live your truth.

The purpose behind Consciousness Liberty is to give you the tools and mindset that create mental self-liberation so you can live in your authenticity and FIND/LIFE YOUR TRUTH.

Years ago, living the corporate life, I had this burning, unquenchable desire to find the "truth." I didn't know what that meant. I just knew that I"NECESSARY"to find him. So, backpack in hand, I set out to explore the world and most importantly, explore myself and find the truth.

And I found the truth.

I was so excited to have discovered this key to life and to SHARE it with the world - when a voice inside me said:

"No, don't share this as truth, this is YOUR truth, not everyone's truth."

I began to realize that while there are some concepts that seem to have universal resonance -We are all a unique collection of our experiences, beliefs, teachings, perceptions, perspectives and our DNA. We can process experiences into an infinite number of perceptual variations.

What matters to you may not matter to someone else and vice versa.

The most important thing is that you find what resonates with YOU. Which strikes a chord deep in the core of your so strong being, soTo the rightthat you are bulletproof. No amount of other people's opinions and complacency can influence you. It is the principle you live by that gives you satisfaction and fulfillment.

In that moment I realized that in everyone's consciousness is the entire universe from their personal and unique perspective and that it is as unique as the person themselves. Truth is personal. truth is relative.

So how is truth relative? People?

Truth is defined as being based on "reality".

If you've ever had a "consciousness-raising" experience, you'll understand that "reality" can change dramatically. If you've been in a state of mind where time slows down or speeds up, or if you've come home from work and thought, "Wow, how did I get here?" Or if you've ever been drunk, you can see that reality is changing because of the thoughts, perceptions, functions, and chemicals in your brain.

What about things that are scientifically proven? What about things like gravity? And the sun rises every morning?

There is a collective consciousness - a shared energy and perspective that creates our reality. Tom Chi, co-founder of Google X and founder of Prototype Thinking LLC, explains how„Die Breast Palette“

You can view reality as relative based on the fact that while observing a moment you have the ability to change your manifestation or action based on your observation. This was observed in the famous quantum mechanical experiment, the Double Slit Experiment.

(Video) Does Absolute Truth Include the Relative?

Welcome to freedom of conscience. We are the light that illuminates your truth.

And do you know what they say about the truth? It sets you free. Free from all noise, restrictions, fears and status quo.

Here's the game plan

  1. Let's delve deeper into the recursive meta-definition of truth and reality.
  2. Challenge that definition.
  3. Give examples and present theories that explain the relative nature of truth and reality.
  4. Confuse your head.
  5. Show how to use it practically.

Ok #4 maybe. Haha. Possibly.

Prepare? Let's dive deeper into the truth. What is it?

definition ofTruth

1a(1):The body of real things, events and facts: NEWS
(2):The state of affairs: FACT
2a:The property (as in a statement) of conforming to fact or reality.
(3)Often in capital letters:A transcendent spiritual or fundamental reality
B:A judgment, statement, or idea that is true or accepted as true


The definition of truth is defined with the wordTRUEitself, along with the wordsreality, realityeFact.

Let's go deeper.

definition ofreality

1:quality or state of reality.
2:Something that is real: FACT, REALITY possible risks assumed to be realities - T. S. Eliot.Nowadays:the truth is


The definition ofrealityis described by itself (lol) and the wordsfactereality.


definition offact

1a:Something that really exists. Space exploration is now a fact.
B:A real event. Prove the fact of the damage
2:Information presented as objective reality. These are the concrete facts of the case.
3:The quality of authenticity: CURRENTITY A fact depends on evidence
4:a done deal: like: CRIME accessories in hindsight.


factis defined byreality,realityeobjective reality.

Do you see a pattern here?

definition ofreality

1:quality or state of reality.
2a(1):An actual event, entity, or state of affairs. Your dream came true
(2):The totality of real things and events trying to escape reality.
B:Something that is neither derived nor dependent, but necessarily exists.

(Video) Is reality real? These neuroscientists don’t think so | Big Think


reality- the state of beingreal. Thank you so much haha! face palm.

Let us continue..

Here we are.

  • TRUE= reality, reality and fact.
  • reality= fact, reality and objective reality.
  • fact= reality or reality.
  • reality= really, reality.

It's an endless loop, struggling for true definition and collapsing in the same few words. While there is an interesting phrase to extract from it -objective reality.

Okay, let's look up "objective reality".

Not in the dictionary.

Dive into the philosophy, here are some definitions:

What is "objective reality"?

“Objective reality is the collection of things that we are sure exist independently of us. In principle, every human being is capable of examining all aspects of objective reality. Anything that cannot be verified in this way does not belong to objective reality.”

"Many philosophers would use the term 'objective reality' to refer to everything that exists as independent of a conscious perception of it (vonperception, thinking, etc.).

The argument for objective reality is everything that can be measured beyond perception - that is, with measuring instruments.

For example:

  • You hold ice cream in one hand and a hot drink in the other.
  • Then dip both hands in a bucket of water at the same time.

The hand holding the ice cream gets warmer and the hand holding the hot drink gets colder.The same thingBucket. However, the bucket of water remains the bucket of water itself. This has not changed - although there are 2 perceptions of it based on subjective (perceived) reality.

So in this example, the “objective reality” is the bucket of water.

Collective consciousness does not prove absolute reality

Well what if? ...

What if the proposed subject experiences that bucket of water under the influence of LSD, a hallucinogenic enabler?

(Video) Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 88 – Relative Truth Versus Ultimate Truth

Now the bucket of water changes color, talks to the subject, and creates small images to the subject's delight. A subjective experience.

Now imagine that the vast majority of subjects try the bucket of LSD. Everyone believes that the bucket of water is a talking rainbow that paints pictures. It becomes "collective truth or wisdom" based on a multitude of agreed perceptions. But that does NOT make it true.It is basically the universal subjective reality– not objective.

Challenge the bucket of water as "objective reality".

And yet the bucket of water is still the bucket of water. We are also there for measuring devicesstill dependent on perceptioninterpret or read the results.Therefore, anything we can "know" about reality MUST be perceived - MUST be subjective.

The bucket of water is still the bucket of water - but we cannot "know" it because we MUST perceive it.

We cannot "know" reality, only conceptualize it: Plato's theory of reality

Plato argued that truth is an abstraction separate from the so-called "outside world". (4.5)

If you take the example of the bucket of water, the bucket can be perceived in an infinite number of ways by different consciousnesses: hot, cold, 24°C, H20, energy waves, particles, wet, reflective, etc.

However, there is one constant that conscience seems to agree with.

"that" is what "that thing"ANDfor her. The ESSENCE of.

Immanuel Kant used the term “Ding an sich” (the “thing in itself”) to denote pure objectivity. (two)

Even with different words to describe water or different perceptions of it - that's what"bucket of water"is for the topic. OIdeaof that. Plato taught this in his theory of formsIdealare ultimately real.

theory of formsortheory of ideasis a philosophical theory, concept, or worldview attributed to Plato that the physical world is not as real or true as eternal, absolute, and immutable ideas. According to this theory, ideas along these lines are often capitalized and translated as"ideas"or"To form", are the non-physicalessencesof all things of which objects and matter in the physical world are but imitations. "

Basically, Plato argues that ideas can be absolute, "or maintain an absolute reality. It's a mental playing field. E - Also the 1st law ofUniversal Hermetic Truths.The principle of mentalism "All is spirit". Which is itself a concept.

Along with the ideas/concepts/philosophies of Hermetics, we have scientific "truths" of physics, quantum physics, etc. that are not constant or absolutely true.

With the advent of quantum physics, which disproved the absoluteness of physics, physicists struggled to find an absolute theory of everything. Einstein tried and failed. Hawkings followed and was also unsuccessful. Physicists are still trying. (12)

Even universal principles cease to existuniversalitywhen you imagine a reality that exists outside of anything we know.

Imagine a world where the world is square, with new laws of physics and new "shapes", colors, objects, experiences that do not exist in anything we have ever encountered, or can perceive or imagine .

Possible and thus all “truths” collapse on this possibility.

If we cannot "know" something, it is outside of our reality and is not real to us - except as a concept.

Here is an example. Imagine the whole world is blind. All. We have no ability to perceive the vision to know. If the "vision" were presented to us, could we see it?

(Video) Do we see reality as it is? | Donald Hoffman

There is an interesting study about a man nicknamed Mr. Pentagon - blind from birth and his experiences with the potent hallucinogen LSD.

“I never had any visual images in me. I can't see or imagine what light or darkness can be like," Mr. Blue Pentagon told researchers. But under theInfluence of LSD(Lysergic acid diethylamide, aka acid), sounds felt unique, and listening to music felt like plunging into a waterfall, he said. “The music of Bach's Third Brandenburg Concerto had a ripple effect. I could hear violins playing in my soul and found I had an hour-long monologue in different registers...LSD gave everything 'high'.The sounds of the music I normally listened to became three-dimensional, deep, and delayed.”

Since he never "knew" sight and was born without the ability to see, Mr. Pentagon had no visual image. The vision was not included in the experienced “reality” of LSD. Inexperienced, incomprehensible.

We, as perceiving beings, cannot “know” absolutes, but can only converse using concepts, ideas, principles, and so on. about absolutes.

Therefore, truth and reality are based on personal perceptions based on our unique constitution, ideals, and collective reality. (Collective reality: the reality that a collective consciousness group (e.g. humans) can come to terms with.)

Spiritually speaking, truth is found when we become "enlightened." It is defined as the "complete understanding of a situation" (9). The experience of enlightenment is still oneperceived reality.

If there is an "absolute reality," we cannot perceive it.

We are naturally biased and perceptive beings. Hence it is outside of our reality and does not exist for us except as a concept or ideal as defined by Plato.

Theoretically, if we consider the idea of ​​absolute reality and see it through the absolute and inclusive eyes of "Source" "God" "Everything", we will see absolute reality as the inclusive possibility of being. This takes into account all possible genetic combinations, perspectives, genetic endowments, information and perceptions (hence absolute consciousness) or vice versa nothing (hence absolute consciousness). This theory is also supported by Bishop Berkley's theory of idealism (10).

Absolute truth and reality would be everything - and also unknown to us.

Therefore, it falls outside of our realm of reality or ability to perceive and know an ideal, except as a conceptual, imaginative creation.

In our perception of reality,truth is relative. reality is relative.

for practical use

  1. Your truth is personal and as unique as you are.
  2. Don't force your truth on others.
  3. When discussing who is right, remember that there are multiple realities. All are true to the consciousness that holds or believes them to be true.
  4. Find your truth and live it. it's only yours
  5. The definition of truth as a circular meta-reference alludes to our inability to "know" it.

And YOUR TRUTH will set you free. in your integrity. In its authenticity. In your agreement. In its unique form in this world.

I'm here to help you find it. Please contact me if you would like to get in touch or say hello.

With love,

freedom of conscience

(Video) Is Consciousness Primary to Reality? (Documentary)




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